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Membership support is vital to Arizona Public Media's ability to provide the very finest in non-commercial programming. Viewer support is our single largest source of funding, and it's an investment that benefits everyone in the community.

To make a donation by phone please call
(520) 621-1600 or 1-800-223-7192.

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Volunteers make Arizona Public Media® come alive! Join hundreds of other Tucson men and women to promote quality Arizona Public Media® programming and help us raise funds.

Throughout Arizona Public Media®'s history, the station and volunteers have enjoyed a rich and rewarding partnership. Arizona Public Media®'s volunteers use their talents to participate in the station's on-air pledge drives and assist the Arizona Public Media® staff in the offices as needed.

Each volunteer brings a unique contribution to the Arizona Public Media® family. They all share a belief that Arizona Public Media® plays an essential role in the educational and cultural life of every community.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Participate in on-air fund drives
  • Answer phones
  • Train other Arizona Public Media® volunteers as a volunteer manager
  • Tally contributions as a bookkeeper

When you join Arizona Public Media®'s volunteer community, you will be part of an exciting and fulfilling network of interesting people committed to public radio and television so learn more about volunteering.


NPR 89.1 Voted Best Radio Station for News

For the 12th year in a row NPR 89.1 has been voted Best Radio Station for News in the Tucson Weekly Best of Tucson Readers’ Poll.

The Power of Public Broadcasting

Local News. Community Specials. Safety. Culture. Science. Entertainment. Classroom Resources. All for less than $1 a month: That’s the power of public broadcasting

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Working together to improve our lives.

Leadership Society

Arizona Public Media® is committed to providing Southern Arizona audiences with the very best. Through award-winning, thought-provoking, and emotionally-stirring programs and performances, Arizona Public Media® explores and enriches our community.

More than 25,000 households currently support Arizona Public Media® with general membership contributions. The Leadership Society provides us with an opportunity to recognize the generosity of those special members who have the means to support Arizona Public Media® each year at levels far above the average.

Leadership Society

Through the gifts of its members, the Leadership Society provides a major source of annual support for Arizona Public Media®'s programming and capital improvements. It also provides recognition, special benefits and services in appreciation of the generosity of its members.

Your support not only ensures that you hear the programs you care about, but it also helps us achieve our mission of enriching our community.

You play a powerful role in helping us maintain the high standards it takes to serve as one of our community's most vital media sources.

For more information or any questions, contact us at 520-621-3808.

Planned Giving

As Arizona Public Media® confronts the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of those who assist us will make all the difference in our success. That's why we seek your support. But we also want to make sure that you benefit from making a gift to us.

While you have the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've made a difference in the lives of others, the best gift plans may actually improve your financial and tax situation — and often right away. You may wish to view this helpful chart offering several gift options.

Select the one that you feel best meets your financial goal then call the Development Office at 520-621-3808 or visit The UA Foundation's Arizona Public Media® Page.

With your legal and tax advisors, we can help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today.