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The issue of federal funding for public media has never been more important. And for less than $1 a month*, think of all the things that public broadcasting brings into your world, and the world of your children. As we enter this critical election season, consider your candidates’ stance on public broadcasting.

Federal funding through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides Arizona Public Media the direct financial assistance to produce the majority of local programs you love like Arizona Illustrated, Arizona Week, and Arizona Spotlight. It also supports the local daily newscasts you trust on NPR 89.1 FM, and the unique mix of musical selections you hear on Classical 90.5 FM.

Federal funds also affect:

The teachers who rely on PBS LearningMedia, CPB’s American Graduate program, and other educational services we provide to enrich the teaching and learning experience in the classroom, improve student achievement, and deal effectively with the drop-out crisis;

The parents, reflecting all economic groups, who attend literacy programs at the UA Bookstore and science events at the Children’s Museum to get their children ready to learn and succeed in school;

The local law enforcement officers and other public safety officials who count on our emergency alert systems and the technology that will become available to them through the implementation of the Pima County Wireless Integrated Network;

The business executives who appreciate the highly successful public-private partnership that lies at the heart of public broadcasting – and the positive return on investment for every public dollar allocated for our work;

Conservatives, moderates, and liberals who agree that AZPM news and public affairs programming is the most trusted, most civil, and most valued in the community;

Public officials and candidates of all political persuasions who appreciate AZPM’s comprehensive coverage of State and local government proceedings, our in-depth examination of State and local issues, our commitment to candidate debates and other public affairs programming, and our ability, in Ken Burns’s words, to “stitch the country together”  and host it for the community on our Vote 2012 website.

Military veterans, scientists, artists, historians, and others who value AZPM’s role as a community storyteller though locally-produced documentaries that are also broadcast nationally.

*The $1 per month cost is calculated by dividing AZPM’s FY13 budget (approximately $11-million) by the total population of Pima County according to the 2010 census (980,263).